Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Well another couple weeks have come and gone, and Abs is going to be eight months old on Sep 4th!! I can't believe it, time is going SO fast!!
Last week we went with some friends to pick apples! It was so fun... and we have a ton of apples. We already made alot of apple sauce and we are hoping to make apple butter and can it. We also went with some friends after church to pick BLACKBERRIES!! So fun, so now we have tons of fruit and veggies (our garden is producing mad amounts....) so we all this wonderful fresh produce around the house!! Now we just have to do all the work to put it up. I have been baking zuchinni bread pretty much every other day.... and I am going to learn to can. I am also freezing some of the berries for smoothies!
Abigail is doing great!! I had to start work again last week... and it was really hard for the first couple of days but now thing are going great! I am only working part time in the mornings, and a really good friend of ours is watching her. So she has fun, takes a nap... and I come home! It is really the perfect situation. Then she goes to XC practice with me..... the team loves her. And all the kids love her and are SO good with her. It is really neat to see them interact and be so loving with her.... something you don't see very often at the highschool=0)

One of the amazing meals we have made lately... with all our garden goodness!! Everything (except the chicken) is from our garden!! Another favorite is patty pan Parmesan!
Abigail about to get into the apples... She is crawling alot now, and also pulling up on everything wanting to stand! She is SO much fun... I love being a mom.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Just another day in Paradise!

Uncle Fuzz and Aunt Melissa came for a visit this week!! It was so fun! But the highlight was definitely tubing down the Animas river!! (well Abs and I just watched and took pictures) Abigail LOVES the water, so she splashed and played until she fell sound asleep in my arms. I have to tell you, it is those precious moments that I just take a deep breath, and thank the Lord that he has given me the most precious gift ever!!
I also let Abigail sit in the mud yesterday and play in it, she loved much she tried to eat it... so we headed to the shower. In the shower I was just singing to her and enjoying the afternoon, when all of a sudden she reached her arms around my neck, and snuggled into me with her face and held me there for a while. It was the most precious hug I have ever experience!!
So even though our days are filled with reading, sleeping, cleaning, cooking, playing, and dancing (seems pretty simple) I really do feel like every day, is just another day in Paradise!!

My precious little 7 month old, is now almost 15 lbs. She talks up a storm, and LOVES to stand... also loves to always be on the move!
While Fuzz and Melissa were here we made tie-dye shirts!! It was SO much fun!! Some turned out better then others....
The water was really cold!! So after a fun but freezing trip down the river... we had hot steak fries and fried chicken!
Well I am off to get my zuchinni bread out of the oven. We are headed to Salida tomorrow for the weekend with some friends to stay in a cabin and hike some 14ers!! So I will post again next week!!
God bless!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

It's already August!!

.. I can't believe it is already August! Where has the summer gone?! And my precious little baby is seven months and getting so big. I was nursing her this morning looking down and trying to remember when she was so tiny and how when I burped her she would crunch up so cute and tiny. Those days are gone and my little one is on the move! She doesn't really crawl yet, but she scoots around and rolls around and can deffinately get where she wants to be.... right in the middle of all the action. God is teaching me so much and has given me a child that is SO much like me it is amazing. She doesn't want to miss out on one thing!
Cody has applied for a couple new jobs so we are still waiting to hear what is in store for our family. But until we hear anything we are living it up here in Cortez. We go hiking all the time, and lately Abs and I have been spending time at the pool, where she loves to play in the water.
Aunt Mags is now our next door neighbor, she only lives two houses down, so thats super fun and we have been "helping" her move in. (as much as I can help.. while carrying and chasing a little crazy girl around)
Our garden is fabulous! We LOVE it and have been enjoy all the goodies emmencely!=0) I have also really been playing house wife, I made homemade rassberry jam, and homemade pesto in the last couple of days! So fun.... I even have had my sewing machine out!
Ringo is crazy as ever and we finally found someone(something) that can outrun me and Cody.... I swear that dog is like energizer doggie.... but he fits our family so perfectly! Here are a few photos of our garden!

The little photo business we have started is really going well. We are busy doing tons of senior pictures and have had about four weddings book us for the spring! So fun!!
check out new stuff at
Here are a couple of my latest favorites....

If we stay here in Cortez, I am going back to work part time. I am torn about it bcause I LOVE staying home with Abs and enjoying her all day every day, but at this point in our lives I have to work and I do love the highschool and so many of the precious kids!!
and just to finish the post a few of my precious Abigail=0)

She still manages to get cuter everyday!! God has blessed us so much!! Until next time.....