Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Chicken Creek

We spent Saturday out xc skiing!! It was so beautiful and snowed on us the whole time! Abs loved it... till the end cause I think her little hands were getting cold.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Run for Feuille weekend!!

We had such a wonderful weekend in Phoenix this weekend!! It was SO nice and warm and we even had a day with warm rain, with the wonderful creosote smell (the bestest smell in the whole world!)
Anyway we got to visit one of my best friends from college Sara and Eric Channing and their two precious offspring Will and Claire! That was so fun and such wonderful fellowship with a precious family!

The reason for the weekend was to run a half marathon in support for Robert Fueille and his family! Another friend from college Robert was diagnosed with testicular cancer and has been fighting the cancer battle!! His sweet wife Aimee and their three children and fighting along side him and SO many people are praying for his COMPLETE healing!! A group of us got together to run this race and raise money to help his family financially! If you are able and willing to help them in anyway here is the link to his website. Please pray with us and also be INSPIRED by his amazing fight!! Fight for Feuille!!

Here are a couple pics from the race! And I was pretty happy with a time of 1:28 for my first half marathon!! Even though my chip apparently didn't work... that was my watch time. Cody and Abs cheered along the route and it got me all pumped to try to break 3 hrs in the marathon this summer!

We also got to take Abs to the ZOO! And everyone that knows Abs knows that she LOVES LOVES LOVES animals, so the Zoo was pretty much heaven for her..... Abs and Will checked out all the animals and worked on their animal sounds. While Claire took a sweet little nap=0) by the way Claire is the best most precious baby in the whole world, she was such a sweet happy content little thing (while Abs was trying to grab and kiss her and Will all weekend...)

Precious baby Claire!!
Abs and Will taking on the ZOO!
Checking out the Antelopes...

Abs' 1st carousel ride! As you can see she was very intent and focused...
My precious friend Sara and I.

So we are back is snowy C-town where it has been snowing since we got back! Cody didn't get the Durango job, so we are waiting once again and trusting that God has us where He wants us (sometimes easier said then truely felt and believed) Even though I am looking forward to the warm summer, warm weather, a change in scenery for now I will enjoy a warm bowl of veggie soup tonight with my precious little family and watch the snow come down!!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Happy 2010!!

Thinking back to this time last year, I had a brand new baby!! Cody and I had NO idea how much our lives were about to change! Abigail has been one of the most precious blessings in my life. Her little life has already taught me a whole different kind of love and how precious each moment of our life is! I can't believe it has been a year!! This past year came with not much sleep, a HUGE learning curve, and learning everyday to put my trust and faith in my precious Savior. Praise God for his tender kindness and his mercies!
To celebrate this wonderful 1 year occasion we took a trip to Las Cruces/ Alamogordo to spend Christmas, New Years, and Abs' 1st birthday with family and friends! We had such a wonderful trip and made so many wonderful memories and alot of 1sts for Abigail!

I have to start with this photo- cause I think it might be the sweetest photo EVER! We went to cheer on Aunt Lizzy during her LAST NMSU home swim meet! Lizzy has been swimming for over 15 year- so this is a bitter sweet season. She did awesome and the whole gang was there to cheer her on!
We had a wonderful Christmas Eve celebration at my Grandparents house! Where Abigail had a wonderful time eating lemons and having everyone dote on her!

Christmas Day was spend with the Robertson side of the fam in Alamogordo, it was a great day filled with yummy food, tons of great gifts and Abigail trying to play with her new little cousin Addison.... (Addison not so happy with Abigail's attempts to "play")

Abigail wanted to play with little Addi so much! They are going to be the best of buddies someday!

Going on a little Christmas Day walk.

Grammy Sherry with both her little grand daughters!
Over the break Abs decided that crawling was too slow.. so she is walking everywhere now! And exploring everything- this is such a fun age! She does about five different animal sounds, says mom, dad, wow, hi, and sings and dances to any music.

And to finish off a wonderful trip we got to celebrate her birthday!! She loved cake...

Check out a few more photos from Abigail's 1st birthday party at our photography site

Thanks everybody for checking in!! Happy 2010! May the Lord bless you during this next year!!