Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My precious princess is 3

Precious Abigail Page turned 3 last week! I cannot believe she is already 3! She is such a BLESSING to our family! She is so energetic, enthusiastic, helpful, funny, smart, VERY friendly and social, talks all the time, keeps us on our toes and keeps us always laughing! I am SO grateful that God chose Cody and I to be her parents, we have loved every minute and we can't wait to see what big things God is going to do in her life!!

We celebrated her 3rd birthday with a purple and pink princess party. Her favorite color is purple. And she loves sparkly things and princesses. Aunt Maggie made her a wonderful castle cake!

Grammy, Papa Les, Nana k, and Unc Steve came in all their royal attire!!=)

It's not quite Cooper's 1st birthday (almost) but he got some cake for the first time...
Our sweet little 3 year old!
4 generations!! And Abigail in her new bathrobe from Gram.

Sweet little Abs woke up with a little bit of pink eye the day of her party, =( so we had to un-invite all her little friends... but it was a party full of wonderful family!
yes, even the cake was pink and purple!!

Thank you to everyone that helped put on such a fun party and for everyone who came over to help celebrate with us! Abigail is SO blessed by a wonderful family who is crazy about her, and you guys made her birthday so special!!

Happy Birthday Abigail Page!