Wednesday, May 25, 2011

once again

once again two months have gone by and I have not made time to blog!! I am really going to try to be better, cause I love to look back and read what we were doing and what I was thinking and learning a year ago. So here it goes to trying again to be a better blogger!

Today my precious baby Cooper is 4months old! I know, I can't believe it... these past months have gone by SO fast! Cooper is such a blessing in our life! It is amazing the love that God gives you for your kids. He is a big boy, 15lbs, 26" and smiles, coos, hold things, chews on his fingers and hands, and LOVES his big sister. That is one of the coolest things as a parent to watch my little ones love on eachother! Cooper smiles and talks to his big sister unlike he does for anyone else! And Abs is such a wonderful big sister, she calls me when he is crying and says"mama Cooper needs you." and she rushes to his side with his paci (even if he is not really wanting the paci) she tries to give it to him.

Cooper, I can't even begin to tell you how much I love you. God knit you together in my womb and your daddy and I are SO proud already to call you our son. You are truely an amazing gift to us from our Heavenly Father. You will not know the love we have for you until you have your son.... I thank the Lord every day for entrusting us with you!! You give me hope when I look around at our world, you give me a smile when I am at weakest point, you hold on to my finger and my crazy life around me stops for a minute, and snuggling with you and talking to you I feel absolutely content. I was worried I wouldn't be able to love you like I do your big sister Abigail, but God made my heart bigger and now I love both of you more then I even thought I could love something.

I am so grateful that the Lord has given me the opportunity and desire to stay home with my precious children. We have given up a second income and all that entails but when I look at these two lives that I am able to help mold and develop I get the over whelming feeling that I have THE BEST job in the world. I wouldn't give up one second of time I have been able to share with these two. I am learning to live in God's truth, and seek Him for my patience and trust.

We have had a wonderful past couple of months, and instead of trying to play catch up I will just add some photos, and hopefully start with blogging at least once a week....=0)
First a couple more pictures of Coop...

We have been to Pheonix with some of our best friends from Cortez the Conrads, we have been to Alamogordo and multiple trip to Las Cruces. To include watching my little sister Lizzy graduate from NMSU! We are so proud of her.

A guy Cody works with gave us buffalo meat! So Cap came over and helped process buffalo meat!! They worked SO hard and now we have a freezer full of wonderful buffalo!
Snuggles for Cap and Minnie and of course the famous little dude!
Hanging with Grammy on Mother's Day

Hanging out with daddy in the mountains
Exploring the Gila
Abigail's face when we told her she got to have an Easter egg hunt!!=0)
Loving the petting zoo with her best buddy Parker!
Well I would love to upload more photos, but I have a million other things to do before naptime is over. We are headed to Colorado next weekend to go camping and shoot a wedding!! I am SO pumped!
just a side note, I love my life.=0)