Saturday, March 6, 2010

It's been a while...

since I have had time to blog!! We have been so busy and been having so much fun with our little Abigail- who is not so little anymore!!
The last month Abs has really started to grow up! She talks A TON ( pretty much repeats everything you say) she also using sign language, but she prefers talking! She runs, plays tons of games, read books to herself (in a language we don't understand), loves to swim, love to play at the park- when its not freezing, loves to be on the go, and of course LOVES to have all the attention. Everyones attention. We joke, cause when we go somewhere and someone doesn't pay attention to her or give her high five, she stares at them with a very confused look ("why isn't that person talking to me, or saying how cute I am, or giving me high five?")
Our precious little bundle is a handfull! She is very busy and on the go 24-7. I am a pretty high energy person and she wears me out everyday.
Abs and I got to go on a super fun trip last weekend, we went to San Antonio to watch Lizzy swim in her last swim meet the WAC championship! We also got to see almost the whole family, and do lots of fun shopping! Abs LOVED the swim meet and cheers for all the girls and made lots of new friends. Lizzy KICKED butt, and we are SO proud of her for finishing her college D1 swimming career with her best times and winning the mile!! Love you little Lizzy! Here are a few pics from the weekend.
Ok mom caved a bit and abs had her first candy....
Team Lizzy! We are only missing Cody and Josh!

Grams bought Abigail a doll, and she carried that little doll around all weekend and kissed it and loved on it.... so cute....

Lizzy after she won the mile!! What a wonderful weekend!!

For valentines Cody and I had a wonderful date at our church sweetheart banquet!

We took abs to an acoustic concert in Mancos, a band from Grand Junction was in town and Cody won tickets! She had so much fun and danced around the whole show! We do have video footage of the dancing so I will see if I can upload some of it!

And here are a few pics of abs doing two of her favorite things.... swimming and hanging with aunt maggie (aaagggiee as abs says it)

Love to you all! Have a wonderful March!! Spring is right around the corner- and we