Monday, February 8, 2010

a day on the farm

We have made such precious friends while living here in Cortez. One of those families have been the Yates. Bradey runs xc and track and Rob and Tonya have really adopted us as family! We love them! The latest thing we have done with them, is Uncle Rob picked out some carhartt over-alls for Abs at the state stock show. So they said she needed to come help Bradey feed. So sat morning after her nap we headed out to their farm and "helped" feed the cows. In these pictures it looks like abs is not having fun, but I think she was so intent on watching and touching the animals she couldn't be bothered smiling for mom and the camera=0)
We love you Yates fam! Thanks for the fun morning on the farm!

I love her face in this one!!

Abs and Uncle Rob=0)