Thursday, July 8, 2010

it's been a while...

wow- I am not a very good blogger lately, but I do however have a pretty good "excuse"....
We have lots going on in the Roberson family lately. First of all we had a big move (that is not quite all the way over...) Cody got a new job for NRCS in Silver City, NM! So we packed up... (well "we" actually didn't do much of the packing, a moving company came and packed us and moved us!) which was such a blessing from God cause I haven't been feeling so hot lately. So Cody started his job in Silver while we are looking for a house, and Abs and I are staying with my parents till we find a house and get settled. We were very sad to leave Southern CO, we have had a wonderful 2 years there and we are praying we get to go back- BUT for now, God has us back in NM- which is not all that bad, since we are only 2 hours from our family!! Which will be so nice especially come January.... yep- we are having another BABY!! Abs is going to be a big sister!! We are all SO excited!!
Abs is 18months and thriving=0), she is SO busy and SO much fun! Wow, you think your life is busy when you have a baby- WAIT till you have a toddler- I had no idea what was coming, but we spend most of the day chasing around our little explorer, climber, swimmer, talker, dancer, and MS. Attitude (she doesn't get that from her mom.. ) we couldn't ask for a better life, she is so precious and we are SO blessed to be her parents. (just remind me of that when I am spanking her for tell her mommy "No" when I ask her to do something=0)
But God is faithful- and I need to keep trusting and leaning on him in this whole new world of parenting!! Abigail belongs to Him- what a relief!!
My little princess all dressed up for a cousins wedding....
now for some fun photos-
swimming with Parker!!
Abigail can hold her breath, blow bubbles, and kick her legs!!
Abs loves swimming... not so much stopping to take pictures...
Our best buddies Dede and Parker!!
Happy gals on the river!
HAPPY FATHERS day to the two best dads in the WORLD!! celebrated on the ANimas River, DUrango CO

very sleepy after lots of dancing!! Telluride BLuegrass Festival!

Abs' choice of wheels.
dancing with her Grammy.
and papa Les
Thanks to our friends Justin and Tara- Abs has been on more rafting trips this spring then I had my entire life!! SO fun!! She is definitely a river gal-

ok and our daughter has a love for speed. She LOVED the go-cart ride with daddy!!

faster faster!!
abs newest moves.
Abs and her best buddy- warming up after swimming!
well- you know me, I have a billion pictures (and I wish I was exaggerating) but I will end it there! We love you friends and family!!! Keep up in your prayers for a healthy baby, and finding a new house!!

Cody, gracie, abs, and #2