Thursday, August 19, 2010

the zoo, the beach, and more adventures of Abs!

We have been SO busy lately- mostly having fun and enjoying the summer! We have been to the EL Paso Zoo, Ventura California beach, camping, Sea World in San Diego, Abs got a new mt. seat, lots of swimming, and on top of it all we moved into our NEW HOUSE in Silver City!! Here are a few photos!

Giving Grams kisses on the beach

Watching the kite surfers
this is a very normal abigail face
cheesy smiles!! At our camp site RIGHT on the ocean!!

new bike helmet and seat from Captain! She LOVES mt biking already!

EL Paso Zoo with her best buddy Aunt "Dizzie" (as Abs says it)
chillin with Unlce Fuzzy
Great Grandmother showing her the African Animals