Thursday, December 3, 2009

God is good!!

Well it's cold outside, Abs is taking her afternoon nap, and I just sat down with a yummy mug of hot apple cider.... I have to start with God is SO good. He is SO faithful even when I am not, and He has blessed me with a life that in so many aspects I don't deserve. Isn't that what makes Him so good? Giving us blessing that we don't deserve and NEVER giving up on us. My prayer today is that He would make me a mom that shows that kind of love. Giving with no thought of receiving, forgiving with never looking back, and loving even when it hurts us the most. This holiday season I have SO much to be thankful for! And God's love and forgives towards me is on the top of the list!!

Thanksgiving this year was a week full of fun and craziness (wait thats every week with the Thomson clan...) anyway, we spent the week down in Las Cruces and Alamogordo. All my sibling were in town so it was so fun having everyone around.
I did work some over the week doing photo shoots, but I enjoy it so much it wasn't really "work" My photo business is going great and I am always busy with shoots and editing! I love it!

Unfortunately we had to cancel (postpone) our trip to Jamaica. We didn't know Abs needed a passport and we would have had to pay a ton of money to get one on such late notice. And after looking at all the options we decided to save out money and plan another trip at a better time.

Cody has applied for four different jobs so we are just waiting to see if God wants us to move. But for the time being we are very happy and content in little Cortez. This place has really grown on us and has become out home.

Abigail is 11 months old tomorrow!! Almost the 1 year mark! I can't believe how fast 11 months have gone!! She has just started taking steps this past week and is the most precious bundle of joy and energy a parent could ask for. With six teeth finally in, we are back to 12 hours at night, and two really good nap!! YAY! She is eating almost everything and loves to eat, however her new favorite thing to do is open the dog cage and let Ringo out to play....
She also loves to sing and dance to just about anything, crawl in the dishwasher and take all the silverware out, howl like a coyote, drink water like a big girl, and her Grams taught her how to play peek-a-boo. SO fun!!

I have so many pictures... of course over the last couple of weeks, so here are just a few!
Also check out our new photos at

tons of love and kisses from her Grams.
She got the tour of GGma's backyard (aka... disney land!!)

Her first trip to the zoo with Grammy Sherry.

Her new favorite hang out place. She hears me open it from the other side of the house!Abs went on her first tractor ride with Caption Wally! She loved it, and a little while later she fell sound asleep in the pick-up checking on the lettuce with Mr. Hill.

Have a blessed day!!