Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Baby Coop

I took some picture of little Cooper last week, he was so good and let his crazy mommy try all sorts of things! But the best way to get better at newborn photography is to practice!!=0)

Coop is such a good little baby, he is a REALLY good eater, which is why is already growing out of the nb clothes. (Abs worn nb clothes till she was almost 3 months old) so looks like Cooper is going to be a big boy!
We are also working on the nursery- since we like to keep the gender a surprise, we just waited till after he was born to do a nursery and Cody has off all this week so we are working on it! I will take some pictures when we have it more set up.

He is very alert and already watches his mobile and follows your face or finger. We are so blessed to have 2 precious healthy children!
Abigail is doing great and loves being a big sister, she smashes his face and kisses him all the time. She is definitely acting like a little 2 year old- quite a little stubborn attitude, but with all the hard times or her testing us- she is such a precious thing that shows tons of affection.

A few more pictures of Coop- this week I am going to try to get some nice pictures of the 2 of them together (maybe even a family pic) but we will just have to see how that works out=0)