Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Cooper is 1

January 25th little Coop turned 1!!! We are SO blessed by this precious boy. But I am not going to say he is "easy" he had been a challenging kid to say the least, and he started walking at about 10 1/2 months and has done nothing but get faster ever since. He can pretty much keep up with his sister and already carries heavier things then she can. (they are 2 yrs apart!) He is so strong (physically) and very stubborn.... he wants to be a big kid SO bad, I think that is way he was such a fuzzy baby, he just wanted to be keeping up with his big sister- so now that he pretty much can he is SO much happier.
He weighs 20lbs, 8oz, and is 31 inches tall. He says "mama, dada, baloooooon, Maggie, barks like a dog, and imitates everything you say we just can't understand it much." He carries chairs around so that he can climb up things by standing on the chair. He would spend every waking minute outside, even when its cold and windy, he wants to be out there.
He throws balls so well, and loves speed. we have 100% little BOY here...=) and I love every minute (well almost every minute)

Coop and his Minnie, and Grammy.
He love the basketball and the hoop!!
Abs snuggling with her Uncle Fuzzy and Uncle Josh in the pup tent.
Sweet Granny Jane and Granny Wally!!
Daddy and the birthday boy!
Big sister loves a good party...=)
Cooper trying to climb the back of the bench.
snuggles with Uncle Fuzzy.
Aunt Meemers and the awesome cake.

Coop LOVED the pup tent from Grampa Mike
such a cutie..
mommy and daddy with the big birthday boy! I can't believe he is 1!!

Aunt Meemer's amazing creation.
typical Cooper face... he growls at everything

his favorite part of the party was the balloons, he loved runnign around the house with all the balloons.

happy happy boy!