Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fall is here!

I love this time of year!! The weather is a bit cooler, the leaves are starting to change here in Silver and we are planning Thanksgiving!! We are having Thanksgiving celebration at our house this year- so that will be heaps of fun!!
My mom likes to comment that I end every sentence with an exclamation point.... I told her mom "my life is an exclamation point" =) and I am not exaggerating!!
Cody is working away and getting ready for his big elk hunt coming up in Nov. He is SO excited, and Abs and I are excited for him. He is actually on our back porch now calling in deer with his new call.
Abigail is as always SO much fun, and I basically have the best job in the world- teaching, guiding, and loving on this precious little girl. She is sitting in my lap now watching bbc talking animals on youtube (if you haven't seen it- check it out.... really funny)

We have been meeting some wonderful friends here in Silver and it is really fun starting to get involved a bit in the community. Abs and I go to a toddler reading class at the library and a really fun play group with wonderful people! We are blessed.

I also had my 29th birthday last week! So my mom and sis came up and made it such a special day! I also got a DOUBLE JOGGER stroller from my parents- what a great gift! Cause I will be running with two here in a couple months. We are 25 weeks with baby bear #2, this little one kicks a TON! wow- kinda crazy, maybe llittle one will be a soccer star....=0)
Hiking at Lake Robertson
My precious little hiker, who was also "ug hunting" (bug hunting)
cute this be any cuter....
abs and her daddy getting ready for a bike ride!

baby belly at 24 weeks

my little explorer.... and these were taken in our front yard. We have an amazing property! God is SO good!
Happy Oct!! I will post some more pictures later!